Health and Wellness Retreats: Changing How We Travel in 2020 Due to COVID


2020 has been a year of uncertainty, and for many of us, there is a greater need than ever to tend to our well-being - physically, mentally, and spiritually. Yet as stress and restrictions abound, we find that many of our previous go-to methods and places may not be available to us during this time. Much of the travel industry is on pause, and many international destinations are a no-go for Americans seeking a wellness getaway.

Although we may long for the days of jumping on a plane or cruise ship to head somewhere exotic for a wellness retreat or adventure, now we are faced with a unique opportunity for growth and discovery closer to home. As we navigate this uncharted territory, silver linings serve as guideposts on the path to our desired happiness, connection, healing, and experiences. For if nothing else, this situation has forced us to be creative, to dig deeper, to approach life with fresh eyes and spirit.

What does this mean for how we travel, explore, and seek health and...

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